Fiktion Fotografie


Story – Laments from the Royal Harem

This series is inspired from the poem “Laments From the Royal Harem” written in the 18th century, by Nguyễn Gia Thiều.

The poet tells the destiny a woman of the royal harem which
was similar to his own. First a favorite of the king, she had been abandoned,
falling into an oblivion made of misery and bitterness.

As a metaphor but also a goddess, the moon is used to describe the inner sentiment of a fragile beauty.


Series – Escape

There are many reasons to want to escape.

This full series develops in the form of fictional narratives, a punctual situation where the protagonist will escape for a new life due to historical circumstances, political, economic or purely personal.

The photos incorporate a narration, signs, clues that make it possible to feel the vital necessity of this decision. Its urgency is reinforced by the title of each scene.

In the scene of “Pattern of thoughts”


Scene – Runaway

This scene is part of the work on the series “Escape” talking about migration.
It is on a island, a place that one chooses to find a feeling of inner peace. However, when night comes, things are not as they seems to be.

Synopsis: She had fled to a tranquil island of the sea of Japan.

In the peaceful atmosphere of the end of the day,


Story – Forking Paths

Images of this series, examines the relationships between the Muse and the Author in the creation process.

In the current usage, “muse” refers to a person who inspires an artist, musician, writer… In the Antique mythology there were nine goddess to help the Author. Does Inspiration come consciously? Who is at the origin of work, the Author or the Muse?

The series uses the mirror as a pivotal item of this relation,