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Balance of Chaos

The Greek etymology of the word
Chaos means a fracture or a gap. In mathematics, Chaos Theory studies the
behavior of systems that are very sensitive to initial conditions, a phenomenon
generally illustrated by “the butterfly effect”.

This term was used Edward Lorenz,
American mathematician and meteorologist to describe the theoretical basis of
weather and climate predictability, which is based on this idea that small
causes may have large effects in general.

Because the photographer assisted to a recent destruction of
colonial villa in Saigon which has survived for one hundred year of turmoil,


Fictional Portraits

The portrait has always fascinated because it is supposed to give a glimpse of the true soul.

“Fictional Portraits” is performed under different conditions, which were not traditional posed portraiture sessions . The model had to play an undefined role in a synopsis not written in advance.

In a context of performance, these portraits paradoxically “caught on the spot” do not reflect the personality of the model.

They give us to see a double of the model’s reality,


Scene – Runaway

This scene is part of the work on the series “Escape” talking about migration.
It is on a island, a place that one chooses to find a feeling of inner peace. However, when night comes, things are not as they seems to be.

Synopsis: She had fled to a tranquil island of the sea of Japan.

In the peaceful atmosphere of the end of the day,


Series – Reunification Dissolution

Photography is about questioning of what reality is and what is captured by the camera.
It is nowadays stimulated by the concept of « hyper-reality » defined by J. Beaudrillard.
It is the inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality.
This is particularly relevant nowadays where people accept created environments as primarily models, when they are actually all fake.
Video mapping can express the dissolution of the reality into a form that have any reference to the initial architecture.


Story – Forking Paths

Images of this series, examines the relationships between the Muse and the Author in the creation process.

In the current usage, “muse” refers to a person who inspires an artist, musician, writer… In the Antique mythology there were nine goddess to help the Author. Does Inspiration come consciously? Who is at the origin of work, the Author or the Muse?

The series uses the mirror as a pivotal item of this relation,