Album – Luxury, Calm and Voluptuousness in Paris

The title comes from a line in the French nineteenth-century poet Charles Baudelaire’s poem, “Invitation to a Voyage” .
Inspired by the dreamy spirit of the poem, this serie of photos is telling an imaginary day of an elegant in an appartment of Paris.
It was a time when the favorite “passe-temps” was about to fall in a luxuary melancholia before going to the Opera.
This title is used for a painting of Matisse who said the following: “What I dream of is an art of balance,


Sleeping on a Shell

Album – Venus Genesis

On the wall, the plan of a medieval city.
This seat has feet of great finesse, designed for a use beyond the functional.
In this architectural space, the nude is nourrished by the mathematical properties that are reflected on the lenticular mirror.
She lies down on the couch and the perfection of his vertebral column is emerging along its body
“Your building are just lures. I cannot be seen in any reflection”.

Series – No Man’s Resort

This could be anywhere but on the beach with sunshine.

With an architecture for international tastes, the rooms’ decoration add a specific touch of Asia with some traditional  furniture.

Rooms are with view on the sea and private swimming pools. For couples in honeymoon, the beds are king-size or queen-size.

The empty theater looks familiar, all built for ultimate luxury.

In the no man’s resort, nobody should come for the simulacrum to remain perfect.