1954 Die große Migration in den Süden Vietnams – Operation Passage to Freedom

Migration und die Genfer Abkommen

Nachdem Vietnam durch die Genfer Abkommen von 1954 in Nord- und Südvietnam geteilt worden war, gab es eine 300-tägige Frist (die am 18. Mai 1955 endete), während der die Vietnamesen ihren Wohnort frei wählen konnten.

Es kam zu einer massiven Migration, bei der etwa 1 Million Menschen vom Norden in den Süden und etwa 50.000 Menschen vom Süden in den Norden zogen.

Die unerwartete Migration veranlasste die nordvietnamesische Regierung,


1954-2024 : General Giap, Dien Bien Phu Battle and Geneva Conference – the end of Indochina war

On May 7th of this year 2024, we commemorate the 70th anniversary of the battle of Dien Bien Phu. This article highlights the military events and the Geneva conference that opens at the same time as the final days of a battle taking place thousands of kilometers away, the outcome of which is eagerly followed by the French media.

The Geneva Conference of 1954 was a conference that took place in Geneva, Switzerland,


Biennale The Wrong 2023 – Projekt Air Skylen

Das Kunstprojekt – Air Skylen nimmt an der Biennale The Wrong 6th Edition im Pavillon ANIMA „Directory“ teil, kuratiert von Tam Nguyen, mit Beratung von Mai Huyen Chi & Xuan Ha und Unterstützung von Duyen Le und Lien Nguyen

Studie zum Kunstprojekt Air Skylen

This text has been written by the curator Tam Nguyen for the catalog of the pavilion ANIMA “Directory”

Dieser Text wurde von Kommissar Tam Nguyen für den ANIMA-Pavillonkatalog „Repertoire“ überarbeitet.


Terra Utopia from the Incognita

At the Art Institute of South-East Asia in Singapour , this series Terra Utopia has been displayed within the exhibition XEM – Meta Far-East. It shows how can the perception of the “Far” remain or evolve, from the antique geographical point of view to some more diverse perspectives as the colonization period to the current impact of the climate change.

These photos look like aerial landscapes of unknown coastal territories. Far East Asia was a terra incognita to be discovered.


Air Vietnam – History of the airline company creation in 1950

Extracts of the article in Air France Magazine 1950
by MAURICE LEMOINE, general secretary of Air France

It was one of the first commercial enterprises in the young state to associate French interests with those of the government. Vietnamese. The latter holds half of the capital, the other half being distributed among various French shareholders, first and foremost Air France. From multiple points of view, this Air Vietnam creation is worthy of attention.


Air Vietnam – News in the 70s

Nguyen Tan Trung, president of Air Vietnam, has been named chairman of the Board of Directors of the Republic of Vietnam flag carrier. His nomination by board members to the post, which has traditionally been held by a cabinet minister, has been approved by the Vietnamese Government.

Calling 1974 ‘‘a year of challenge for everyone in the
airline business,” Mr. Nguyen Tan Trung said he was persuaded to accept the
additional responsibility with Air Vietnam in consideration of the national
interest and in view of the prospects of the development of the company.


Origin of Hue song at the court of Annam

This text comes from the book Mémoires de Son Excellence Huynh Con dit Đan Tường by Jean-Jacnal written 1924.
This biography of a former Minister of Rites at the Court of Annam contains historical details of his life and has an interesting description of music at the Court.

“Every night, we brought in singers. So little has been written about this category of people that no doubt I will be allowed to give some details about their life,


Air Vietnam – The untold history, 1951-1975

These exclusive documents (text, images) of Air Vietnam are part of our collected archives. They fill the gap in the official narrative of Vietnamese Aviation.
Note by the author NGUYÊN MẠNH CUNG
This article was written according to the documents of Mr. Fery Vital, ITA, DGAC and Air France, with the collaboration of Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Tuyen and Mr. Nguyen Tu Thien, Lam Ngoc Diep, Tran Tho Phuoc ,


Map Postcard Hanoi

Theses postcards written in early 20th century are unique archive sent from Ha Noi to different capitals of the world (Paris, Beijing, New York, Bruxelles, Hong Khong) give an historical value to the artworks

These conceptual maps are related to the colonialism epoch of  Viet Nam in the early 20th century.
Hanoi is drawn in transparency over the foreign city meaning the lost of sovereignty of Hanoi at the expense of the external powers.


Air Skylen – Airports

For the creative event “Thiet Ke & Cong Nghe” in HaNoi , a whole concept of an airline company, named AIR SKYLEN has been presented

Airlines are the symbols of the technology’s level of a country. It also shares the values also international connections and exchanges.

AIR SKYLEN derived also from the term Skyline, which is the
apparent juncture of earth and sky, the horizon.  It is often used to describe the silhouette of
cities skyscrapers against the sky.