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Vietnamesische historische Fotografie, Wege von Hongkong nach Cholon, Saigon Chinatown

Für die Indochina-Zeit enthüllt der Historiker François Drémeaux eine faszinierende Tatsache: Hongkong diente als erster Hafen Französisch-Indochinas. Diese Wahl wurde von mehreren Faktoren beeinflusst, wobei einer der Hauptvorteile die günstigen Steuern und das Freihafensystem der Stadt waren.

Auch die vietnamesische Regierung der Nguyen-Dynastie erkannte diesen Vorteil. Im Jahr 1865 schickten sie Dr. Dang Huy Tru auf eine chinesische Mission, um die aktuelle Entwicklung Hongkongs zu erkunden. Zu diesem Zeitpunkt hatte die Fotografie in Vietnam noch keine Wurzeln geschlagen,


Review of the series Hong Kong 2047


by Steve Bisson

«True rebellion is what calls into question the preconstituted order, not that it neglects it in favor of a permanently anarchic or hedonistic immaturity.»

In Quang Lam’s recent series ‘Hong Kong 2047’ the photographer alternates some vertical portraits of grotesque skyscrapers, depicted almost as if they were totems, with close-up images of remote control and surveillance systems. The cold linear,


Hong Kong 2047 – Urbanism and Surveillance

Speaking about “Extinction” is not only about physical matters but also on what is defining us as social humanity within an economical and legal system. Hong Kong is a unique because of its location as a door for both capitalism and communism world. With its history and its economic power, it was and is in the avant-garde and a laboratory of what will happen in the near future.

2047 is the expiration date of the Basic Law which currently is giving the status of special administrative region (SAR) of China for 50 years.


Hong Kong – 2014 – Umbrella Movement

A series of sit-in street protests, often called the Umbrella Revolution and sometimes used interchangeably with Umbrella Movement, or Occupy Movement, occurred in Hong Kong from 26 September to 15 December 2014.

The protests began after a decision regarding restrictive reforms to the electoral system. Key areas in Admiralty, Causeway Bay and Mong Kok were occupied and remained closed to traffic for 77 days.

This series of photos has been taken in Admiralty district where the headquarters of the government,


Great Wall

Hong Kong – 2019 – Protest day of 24th August

The Anti-Extradition Law Amendment Bill Movement, also known as the 2019 Hong Kong protests are a series of demonstrations since 15 March 2019 in response to the introduction by the Hong Kong government of the Fugitive Offenders amendment bill on extradition. Large-scale demonstrations took place gradually to a peak of 2 million people participating. Clashes between protesters and the police became the norms.

At the 12th week of protestation The Hong Kong protest movement reached a peak during the march in the Kwun Tong district in Kowloon.