Konzept Photography

Album – NetTubes Territories

Photography is about questioning of what reality is and what is captured by the camera.
It is nowadays stimulated by the concept of « hyper-reality » defined by J. Beaudrillard.
It is the inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality.
This is particularly relevant nowadays where people accept created environments as primarily models, when they are actually all fake.

Territories fade into entertainment parks, symbols of hyperreal powers.


Story – Buddha Temptation

This series is telling the temptation of Siddhārtha Buddha by the Goddess of Beauty, in an imaginary paradise full of flowers. As principle of Buddhism, the Middle Way should be followed between the extremes of sensual indulgence and self-mortification. But it is not easy to comply strictly with this recommendation.

Seeing photography is more an analogic process than a logic one, with a sense of humor too. This is how the series should be appreciated as a fairy tale.


Series – No Man’s Resort

This could be anywhere but on the beach with sunshine.

With an architecture for international tastes, the rooms’ decoration add a specific touch of Asia with some traditional  furniture.

Rooms are with view on the sea and private swimming pools. For couples in honeymoon, the beds are king-size or queen-size.

The empty theater looks familiar, all built for ultimate luxury.

In the no man’s resort, nobody should come for the simulacrum to remain perfect.


Series – Luxe Mythology

Neons of luxury are glowing on the deserted avenue. The glass facades reflect the logos that spread their mystical light in the night, a continual desire generated by billions invested of advertising. From Paris to Saigon via Hong Kong, it flows throughout the journey with the same stage direction.