Conceptual photos

Conceptual Art Photography is a type where the artist is exploring an concept, an idea. It is usually abstract. Its materialization, oftently staged is captured by the camera. The term is maybe used to distinguish contemporary art photography from documentary photography. In Vietnam, Conceptual photography is more developped by artists than photographers themselves

In the Boutique

    • Fine art photo print Asia Urban Cities
      Skyliner Crash - Hong Kong
    • Fine art photo print In-Situ Art Installation
      Space of Uncertainty - Discours of the Method
    • Fine art photo print New Catalog 2024
      Hong Kong 2047 - Panopticon
    • Fine art photo print In-Situ Art Installation
      Interior Feng Shui Landscape Piano

In the Art Space

Located in Ho Chi Minh city - Vietnam, Inlen Photo Gallery is focusing in conceptual art photography. This type gives all freedom and time for the photographer to develop his point of view through extensive researches.