Fine art Photos and Prints for sale

Inlen Boutique is a selection of our best colors and black and white photographies printed in limited edition. Thus you can buy photos as artworks.

All prints are done with archive paper from the most renowned brands (Hahnemühle, Canon, Canson, Ilford). With their museum quality level, our prints are available to be collected at an affordable price, and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Start your very own art collection or offer a valuable and original gift by choosing an artwork in the Boutique.

Best-Sellers / Purchase Guidelines

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Choosing a photography is difficult and this process is a result of multiple and personal decisions. The key point is to define your profile. - Art Lover : you like to be surprised by the artwork , to find new aesthetics - Vintage Connoisseur : you are attached to historical values, embedded in objects and architecture - Wanderer : you like the photo to move you in a journey through cities and the nature Art is part of your personal character and history. It reflects your own quest. Here are some collected artworks by our clients in Vietnam and worldwide ( France, USA, New Zealand, ..)

Vietnam Architecture (Classical, Indochina, Modernist)

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Modern Vietnamese architecture has been influenced by the West especially by the French - Indochina, Art Deco architecture - then by the international Modernist architecture of the 50s. Nevertheless It has developed its own language reaching even the highest level with the architect Ngô Viết Thụ, who won the First Grand Prize of Rome (Grand Prix de Rome) in 1955. This section presents also some traditional ans socialist realism buildings and houses.