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The fine art photos of our gallery are showing the diversity of the Vietnamese architecture marked by the tradition and influences.


Influenced by Chinese architecture, traditional architecture follows the principles of geomancy.
It consists of the following forms: the traditional house, the religious buildings with the pagoda (Chua), the temple (Den) and the communal house (Dinh) and the defenses buildings such as citadels

Colonial style

With the French colonization from 1858 to 1940, the Franco-Vietnamese style is developed by the construction of a western city with administrative buildings, Grand hotels, theaters, train stations and churches in major cities such as as Saigon and Hanoi. Villas have French decorative elements such as fireplaces, columns and arched windows.

Modernist and contemporary architecture

The modernist current appears in the 40’s and finds its golden age in the 60s with the construction of the Independence Palace in Saigon.
Today skyscrapers are rising for reasons of prestige and density following the urbanism trend of the Asian megalopolises.

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