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The Circle of Return at Lagoon Tam Giang Hue

The inspiration for this series is drawn from “The Tale of Từ Thức Marrying a Goddess,” a story that delves into the life of Từ Thức during the Trần dynasty. He encounters and weds a goddess in the divine realm, only to later depart from his celestial spouse to revisit his hometown. Unbeknownst to him, countless ages have transpired in the mortal world during his absence.

Set in Hue, amidst the tranquil lagoon of Tam Gian,


1954-2024 : General Giap, Dien Bien Phu Battle and Geneva Conference – the end of Indochina war

On May 7th of this year 2024, we commemorate the 70th anniversary of the battle of Dien Bien Phu. This article highlights the military events and the Geneva conference that opens at the same time as the final days of a battle taking place thousands of kilometers away, the outcome of which is eagerly followed by the French media.

The Geneva Conference of 1954 was a conference that took place in Geneva, Switzerland,


ChoLon, Dreams Factories of Saigon

The historical aftermath of the Qing Dynasty’s overthrow of the Ming Dynasty in 17th-century China led to Ming loyalists seeking refuge in Southeast Asia. In Vietnam, these Chinese immigrants played a pioneering role during the “March to the South.” They settled in Bien Hoa. By the late 18th century, to escape the massacres perpetrated by Tay-son troops, the community regrouped in the present-day location of Cholon, situated 11 kilometers away from the center of Saigon,


Reality shows for the Independence Palace, the modernist architecture icon of Saigon

The Independence Palace, completed in 1966 by the architect Ngô Viết Thụ, winner of the Prix de Rome, was never inhabited by President Ngo Dinh Diem who requested its construction but by the next President who made him assassinated.  It has become a museum since April 30, 1975 when tanks have crashed through its gates.

Renamed as Reunification Palace, It is now the gathering place for all the city’s major festivities and commemorations.


Review Exhibition XEM – Meta Far-East

Written by Dr Bridget Tracy Tan
Director, Institute of Southeast Asia Arts – Art Galleries
Academic Advisor (Southeast Asian Arts)
Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

“Quang Lam’s style is unquestioningly about play, but also about accountability. He wants the viewer to know how we experience what we experience, through what we enact and the thoughts we think, the ways in which we move. His contribution to the exhibition is a series of installations demonstratng the state of the world.


Review of the series “City of Hue, Architecture of Eternity”

By Prof. Steve Bisson, Paris College of Art
Chief editor Urbanautica Institute

The living conditions of the masses have not always coincided with an earthly Eden. Even today, this is the case if we observe urbanism and, in particular, the state of the suburbs or the metropolitan densities that leave little space for green dreams. A terrace is already a privilege. In its progressive urbanization, the human species has distanced itself from nature,


Biennale The Wrong 2023 – Project Air Skylen

The Art Project – Air Skylen is participating the Biennale The Wrong 6th Edition, within the Pavilion ANIMA “Directory”, curated by Tam Nguyen, with advisories from Mai Huyen Chi & Xuan Ha and support from Duyen Le and Lien Nguyen

Review of the Art Project Air Skylen

This text has been written by the curator Tam Nguyen for the catalog of the pavilion ANIMA “Directory”

“Air Skylen (2022) embodies Quang Lam’s long-term research into the development of the Vietnamese airline industry.


Meta Far-East – Immersive Sea Level Rising on Climate Change

Most of the countries in the Far East have coastlines. These territories will be affected by the sea level rising such as the megacities of Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, as it is written in the new study of the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), the University of La Rochelle in France and the National Center for Atmospheric Research in the United States (NCAR).

By 2100, nearly 50 million people will face this higher than expected rise in sea levels.


XEM Collective Exhibition – Meta Far-East Asia

The main idea of the Quang Lam’s work in this exhibition is to explore the concept of the Far-East Asia in which Saigon and Singapore were essential nodes for its representation.

From wikipedia about: 

“The term first came into use in European geopolitical discourse in the 15th century, particularly the British, denoting the Far East as the “farthest” of the three “Easts”, beyond the Near East and the Middle East.[..] Significantly,


Review of the series Air Skyliners Crashes

This series has been displayed at Sa Sa Art Projects in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) with the XEM collective

Excerpt for the presentation text by curator Lyno Vuth

“In the exhibition, physical works by each of the five artists take forms extending from their presentation in the magazine. The works presented here by XEM deal with not only what separates us but also what bonds and unites us. The very same things can produce multiple complex effects.