Documentary photos

Documentary photography is focusing on record events, people, places, object. This type of photos share with photojournalism, which concentrates on news events, some ethics rules related to the concept of reality and truth : taken from the real life, the exposed situations or documents should remain untouched by the photographer. In that way typology or serial photography can be seen as facts to be recorded.

In the Boutique

    • Fine art photo print New Catalog 2024
      Hong Kong - Umbrella Protestation Wall
    • Fine art photo print History and Social Issues
      Skyliner Crash - Saigon Simulacra
    • Fine art photo print New Catalog 2024 #Saigon #Vietnam-War #Reenactment
      Revive Vietnam War - Revolver gun
    • Fine art photo print Asia Urban Cities
      Hong Kong - The Great Wall

In the Art Space

Located in Ho Chi Minh city, Inlen Photo Gallery is showing documentary photography taken in Vietnam and South East Asia, reflecting the society's history, memories and issues. Storytelling series but also objective approach can both be seen, which provide a wide spectrum for the contemporary pratices.