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Album – NetTubes Territories

Photography is about questioning of what reality is and what is captured by the camera.
It is nowadays stimulated by the concept of « hyper-reality » defined by J. Beaudrillard.
It is the inability of consciousness to distinguish reality from a simulation of reality.
This is particularly relevant nowadays where people accept created environments as primarily models, when they are actually all fake.

Territories fade into entertainment parks, symbols of hyperreal powers.


Series – No Man’s Resort

This could be anywhere but on the beach with sunshine.

With an architecture for international tastes, the rooms’ decoration add a specific touch of Asia with some traditional  furniture.

Rooms are with view on the sea and private swimming pools. For couples in honeymoon, the beds are king-size or queen-size.

The empty theater looks familiar, all built for ultimate luxury.

In the no man’s resort, nobody should come for the simulacrum to remain perfect.


Album – Villas, Dalat

Dalat was created during the French colonial period to be a mountain resort in the south of Vietnam. In 1907, the first hotel was built and the urban development was supervised by Ernest Hébrard. The city became rapidly the touristic spot, especially for the Saigonese bourgeoisie eager to escape the stifling heat of his city.

After the end of the American War in 1975, owners of the villas fled and currently, more than 200 villas are under management of the DaLat People’s Committee,